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RIB Neptune Single Seat / Beds For VW Campervans

This single bed system allows a radical change to the layout of the interior conversion and really does challenge the traditional layouts by allowing a central walkway and a four-seat central dining area. With the RIB Seat/Bed systems, you sleep on the opposite side to what you sit on as a seat – so giving you a lovely flat, comfortable bed for a good night’s sleep. The Neptunes can also be specified with a sliding mechanism to allow them to slide together to form a double bed. Armrests and ISOFIX are also available.

We are an authorised UK importer & fitter of the Scopema RIB bed / seat. The RIB Neptune seat is NCAP certificated with integral 3 point harness seating. A unique selling point for the RIB is that it is available in a variety of dimensions, fitting most Camper Vans and Day Vans.width only.

RIB Bed Main Features Include:

  • The RIB seat is fully tested to EU Regulations
  • Contoured seat cushions
  • Headrests – integrated and height adjustable
  • 3- point safety belts
  • Flat sleeping surface
  • Adjustable rear back cushion support whilst in bed position
  • Available in a range of VW fabrics
  • Easy operation to convert from seat to bed
  • Lots of space underneath for storage

Optional VW Campervan Leather Seating

RIB Image 1 RIB Image 2 RIB Image 3 RIB Image 4 RIB Image 5 RIB Image 6 RIB Image 7 RIB Image 8 RIB Image 9 RIB Image 10 RIB Image 11 RIB Image 12 RIB Image 13 RIB Image 14 RIB Image 15 RIB Image 16

Cab Seat Image 1 Cab Seat Image 2 Cab Seat Image 3 Cab Seat Image 4 Cab Seat Image 5 Cab Seat Image 6 Cab Seat Image 7 Cab Seat Image 8 Cab Seat Image 9

Stitch Pattern 1 Stitch Pattern 2 Stitch Pattern 3 Stitch Pattern 4 Stitch Pattern 5 Stitch Pattern 6 Stitch Pattern 7 Stitch Pattern 8 Stitch Pattern 9 Stitch Pattern 10 RIB Image 11 RIB Image 12 RIB Image 13 RIB Image 14

VW Titan Fabric (Standard) VW Tasamo Grey Fabric (Standard) VW Simora Fabric (Standard) VW Place Fabric (Standard) VW Double Grid Fabric (Standard) VW Bricks Fabric (Standard) VW Box Fabric (Standard) VW-Austin Fabric (Standard) Black-Noir Fabric (Standard) GTI Fabric (Premium) GTE Fabric (Premium) GTD Fabric (Premium) Grey-9061-Vinyl (Premium) Black-Vinyl (Premium)

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