RIB Altair Bed System For VW Campervans

The RIB Altair Bed System for VW Campervans has a 112cm width seat/bed system and is the most popular width of bed in the range as it provides adequate sleeping space, but also affords the conversion enough side space to fit standard width interior units, deep enough to take a gas oven or microwave. The distinct advantage of a RIB bed system as opposed to a traditional rock and roll bed is the fact that when turned into a bed, you end up sleeping on the opposite side to what you sit on as a seat – so giving you a lovely flat, comfortable bed for a good night’s sleep. Fitted in the vehicle in a position that also gives you a large usable boot space, the RIB bed system gives a safe, comfortable and practical option to your camper conversion. ISOFIX can be specified too for the safe carriage of children in car seats.

The 112cm and 120cm RIB bed comes in two lengths (standard) 1860mm and (extra long) 1940mm for the taller person.

The RIB Altair seat is available in the following widths, (104cm 2 seater) (112cm 2 seater) (120cm 2 seater) (129cm 3 seater) (150cm 3 seater).

We are an authorised UK importer & fitter of the Scopema RIB bed / seat. The RIB Altair seat is NCAP certificated with integral 3 point harness seating. A unique selling point for the RIB is that it is available in a variety of dimensions, fitting most Camper Vans and Day Vans.

RIB Altair Main Features:

  • Widely recognised industry brand
  • Fully tested to EU regulations
  • Contoured seat cushions
  • Integrated and height adjustable headrests
  • 3- point safety belts
  • Flat sleeping surface
  • Adjustable rear back cushion support
  • Available in a range of VW fabrics
  • Easy operation to convert from seat to bed
  • Large load space at rear for camping gear
  • Under bed storage for Porta Potti toilet

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