RIB Uber Flux 2 Seater Full Sliding Bed System

The most versatile use of a RIB Bed the Flux system allows the RIB Bed to be installed on VW California rails. The bed can then slide the full length of the van and lock in any position (every 12mm) making it a truly versatile system. With the RIB seat locked fully forward you can travel with your rear passengers directly behind the front seats in a car like configuration this will then give you a whopping 1.5m (SWB) or 1.9m (LWB) boot space for all your gear.

We are an authorised UK importer & fitter of the Scopema RIB bed / seat. The RIB Altair seat is NCAP certificated with integral 3 point harness seating. A unique selling point for the RIB is that it is available in a variety of dimensions, fitting most Camper Vans and Day Vans.
The RIB bed is fast becoming the most popular seating system for VW Campervans. The RIB seat is mid mounted in vehicle, which allows for luggage to be transported safely at the rear of the vehicle unlike most traditional Rock & Roll beds. This unique versatile bed has a rear cushion that reclines in multiple positions, which means you can situp whilst in bed with a comfortable back support at any angle. The RIB seat can be quickly transformed into a bed in seconds by flipping over the front and back cushion allowing for a perfectly flat comfortable bed. The 112cm width seat provides seating for 2 passengers with integral 3 point seat belt harnesses to each position along with integrated head rests as standard.

Main Features:

  • VW rails designed to fit the T5/T6 body shell with off-the-shelf underfloor strengthening brackets
  • Nylon / rubber wheels for easy movement
  • Rubber dust guards protect against stones and grit falling in rails
  • Full factory approval – built in France by the RIB factory
  • Nylon bushes used in locking mechanism to eliminate rattles
  • Locks every 12mm along the whole length of the rails
  • Travel with your passengers close behind you
  • Single handed locking mechanism
  • Under bed storage space

Price Includes:

  • VW California rails
  • Ply flooring
  • Altro vinyl flooring
  • New door trims

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