200W Solar Panel For VW Campervan

VW Campervan Roof Solar Panel


Fitted During Conversion Price: £745.00 Inc Vat

Retrofit Post Conversion Price: £850.00 Inc Vat

Dimensions L – 1488mm W – 673mm H – 4mm

Solar Advantages & Features


Semi-flexible solar panels are ideal for campervans with pop-top roofs and can dramatically increase your independence in the summer months, the panel will produce sufficient amps to run your fridge, lights and water pump without the need to plug into 230v mains power or drive the vehicle to recharge the leisure battery.


  • MPPT charge controller technology
  • “Self-repairing” ETFE surface
  • 18.75% efficiency
  • 7-layer construction
  • Mono-crystalline cells
  • Multiwire cells, which greatly increase current flow
  • Low power loss when shaded
  • 20% efficiency
  • Mono-crystalline cells
  • 9-layer construction with hard-wearing ETFE surface
  • Immunity from micro-cracking of the cells


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