RIB Altair 3 Seater 129cm Bed System

Becoming more and more popular the RIB 129cm seat / bed system gives all the benefits of the narrower version but gives you an extra seat and seat belt along with an extra 17cm of width of bed. With the extra seat and belt, you can safely seat up to six people in your conversion, and again ISOFIX can be specified. The 129cm width still allows for a slim line units to run down the side of the vehicle along with a microwave oven.

The 129cm RIB bed comes in two lengths (standard) 1860mm and (extra long) 1940mm with a high back rest and is available in a number of widths to suit most conversions.

The RIB Altair seat is available in the following widths, (104cm 2 seater) (112cm 2 seater) (120cm 2 seater) (129cm 3 seater) (150cm 3 seater).

We are an authorised UK importer & fitter of the Scopema RIB bed / seat. The RIB Altair seat is NCAP certificated with integral 3 point harness seating. A unique selling point for the RIB is that it is available in a variety of dimensions, fitting most Camper Vans and Day Vans.

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RIB Bed Features

RIB Bed Main Features Include:

    • The RIB seat is fully tested to EU Regulations
    • Contoured seat cushions
    • Headrests – integrated and height adjustable
    • 3- point safety belts
    • Flat sleeping surface
    • Adjustable rear back cushion support whilst in bed position
    • Available in a range of VW fabrics
    • Easy operation to convert from seat to bed
    • Lots of space underneath for storage

Optional Upgrades:

    • Leather or vinyl options
    • ISOFIX for child seats
    • Mattress overlay
    • Sliding 20cm seat frame
    • Arm rests